Updated: Feb 22, 2019

What you will learn:

*What it’s like to apply design thinking in professional practice.

*What do we do day-to-day as a designer / a creative thinker.

*Collaboration and critical thinking skills.

*Presentation and pitching skills.

*Different design methods & techniques.

What you will do:

*Work alongside our team on real projects.

*Pitching/Presenting to the real clients.

*Brainstorming and hand-ons practice.

*Going through the design thinking process.

*Creative field-trip


*2 months training program for students

* 2 positions available

*Submissions are open until Friday, 15th March 2019

To apply, email us at career@un-titledlab.com with Summer Design Thinker Training Program as the subject line. Don’t forget to include a link to your CV or Portfolio. and tell us a bit about your interested in the area of design/creative.