How do we introduced new Matcha brand and create experiences that fit with modern lifestyles?

- Matcha is the new bliss. -

Matchanoyu’s vision is to represent another dimension of matcha in Thailand. We build the brand from scratch with a goal to reintroduced matcha into everyday life, in which people can drink and enjoy it in anytime or any situation of the day.

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When referring to matcha, Thais often think about “indulgence”, such as, snacks, treats, or desserts. In constrast, internationally, matcha is being perceived for its nutritions and long-term well-being benefits. Inspired by the gathered insights, supporting by the research on a growing number of matcha drinkers, we see an opportunity for the brand to moving away from the crowded “indulgence” market to the “well-being” market. We design the brand to resemble the umami and quality of ceremonial-grade matcha, and the balance energetic, yet simple of a modern lifestyle.

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The fact is matcha product in Thailand are food-grade matcha, which more suitable for cooking or transforming into ready-to-eat products, that is why we rarely ever enjoy matcha purely. However, Matchanoyu uses the highest grade matcha available, in which Japanese traditionally used in tea ceremony. We want the brand and the design to educate people about this, while also reflecting the natural benefits and unprocessed quality of ‘ceremonial-grade’ matcha through the selection of eco-friendly materials of the packages and others physical design outputs.


In designing the experience of Matchanoyu, our insights suggest people already have a mental blockage for matcha making as a time-consuming and troublesome technicality, with complicated procedures. Unavoidably, this becomes the biggest challenge for the business and the brand. We want to tackle the problem and create design impact in a meaningful way. By offering 3 ways to enjoy matcha, we portray the reality and the ease of matcha making, which can be done within a minute or two, while also increasing the accessibility of matcha drinking experience and breaking the wrong belief and the image of the traditional way of drinking matcha completely.

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