About the Lab


We work with purposeful and ambitious brands. Those who want to make an impact on the world. Those who are dreaming big and going far. Those who want to make a lasting impression.

Creating with Purpose.

Create for a Global Audience

We crave to see a world in which Thai brands can confidently compete in and impact the global landscape. Our international quality standards and resources help us push these boundaries.

Never be Average

Original ideas make the biggest impact. We shun cliché design and mediocre thinking to make brands trend-setters, not trend-followers. It takes being different to make a difference.

Make Meaningful Impact

There is no value in good design if not designing for good. We are not an agency designing simply for aesthetics, but a consultancy that creates brands with purpose and long-term aspirations.

Inside Out.

Whatever the challenge, we always start at the heart of your brand. Meaningful solutions can only happen this way.

What we do

We put in the time to get inside and understand your brand. We play the long game and build long-term relationships with our clients through multi-dimensional projects. We design solutions beyond the here and now.

What we don't

We don’t do free work. We don’t do one-off jobs like logo design or packaging. We don’t work with businesses that profit from unsustainable practices. We don’t start any design work without a meaningful end-goal.

How we do it

With different brands comes different challenges. There’s no one formula to the way we work. Instead, our solutions adapt in bespoke ways, depending on what we discover and what the response demands. Still, the process we take to carefully give your brand the perfect treatment can be summarised in three key steps. 


We immerse ourselves in your brand - as well as the relevant market - with eyes wide open, in order to see your specific areas for potential growth.


Sketching out potential scenarios for success and mapping out a strategic route towards this goal, we work to put your brand in its rightful place in the world.


We thrive on small details and love considering all the parts of delivering a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

Who we do it with

We select ambitious brands that want to stand out, capture hearts, and have a positive impact. Brands with purposeful goals and meaningful challenges. Brands that exist for the people and work to enhance lives.

“When I look at this Brand, I suddenly realise everything I’ve trying to say, now we have a way to express it”

John Doe, Kongka Ceo and Founders

Go Beyond.

In a world where consumers have choices, one thing is not enough. It takes a consultancy that can do more. Our expertise is wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary to help your brand stand out. For good.

Brave New Brands

Getting a head start.

Refreshing Re-Brands

A strategic evolution.

Bold Luxury Brands

Different to competitors, special to customers.

Artists & Analysts

A mix of left-brain and right-brain people, we’re a unique group with all kinds of perspectives, hobbies, and skillsets. Our collaborative spirit makes us like a quirky band of different instruments, working together to create great music.

Chayatip Changlum

Co-Founder & Creative Director

️☕️ Happiness is equal to coffee
💎 Nerd for luxury brand
🌍 Eco-conscious Advocate
📦 Packaging Freak

Nole Suwanparin

MD & Strategy Director

🧮 System Builder
📚 Book Collector
📺 Youtube Stroller
🥃 In-hour Drinker

Nuttha Kitsopha

Brand designer

💔 Heartbreak Syndrome
🏃🏻‍♀️ Running Club Founder
🌤 Early Bird
🧤 Football crush : Alisson Beckers



🐦 Twitter Binger
🔎 Detail Freak
🍝 Pasta lover
🌊 Beach & Sunset Collector

Kornkanok Wutthipongchaikij


😈 Enjoy Dark Humor
🤡 Meme Saver
🦐 CEO of Bad Posture
🏋️ Gym Junkie



⚽️ Football Enthusiast
🦉 Night Owl
🪐 Multiverse Traveller
🔥 Mala Maniac

Chonthicha Nonthasri

Account Administrator

👸🏻 Queen of Discount Code
💋 Lady Casanova
🍵 Hot Tea Lover
✈️ Solo Traveler

Thanakrit ChaNkhajorn

Senior Content Planner

🥽 Swimaholic
🥤 Thai Tea Person
🌆 Dystopian Novel Reader
💖 Dior J’dore(er)

Chanyanuch Chutitham

Project Manager

🌞 Happiness Seeker
〰️ Part-time YouTuber
🥨 Carb Lover
🎧 Melomaniac

Lalintip Ammawat

Project Coordinator

🛼 Easygoing
🍾 Extroverted
🥓 Big Eater
🛀🏻 Fitness freak is not my style

Wachirawit Teppratoom

Senior Digital Designer

☁️ Daydreamer
🕯 Candle Lover
🤫 Secret Keeper
📷 Camera Eats First

Suparat Kaewkongdee

Content Writer

⛅️ Ouranophile
🎧 Music Lover
🎬 Series Addict
📖 Bookworm

Kanpicha Sritularak

Digital designer

☕️ Coffee Addict
🐈‍⬛️ Cat Person
🚞 Voyager
🕵🏼 Part-Time Detective

Wasinee Pakchawakit

Digital designer

🍕 Pasta/Burger/Pizza Lover
😋 Enjoy Eating
🐕 Dog Person
☕️ Coffee Drinker

Karn Chatikavanij


🐈 Cat Mum
📺 Favourite TV show is Lost
🌴 Nature Lover
🤸 Random Fact: Can do a handstand

Jiranthanin Kongtaweesub

Brand designer Intern

🥴 Drinker
🖤 Music Addict
🪡 Ink Lover
🌏 Multilingual

teerasil sudde

Freelance photographer

🪣 Housekeeper
🪚 Mr. D.I.Y
👽 FCB Fan
🦙 Cat is Life

Good conversations lead to great things.

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